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Divine Self-Love Coach

Guiding women who have experienced trauma within relationships and who struggle to see the beauty within their soul to a place of Divine Self-Love. 

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Let it be Easy. You're Worth It.  

Allow this next level of your healing to be about how You Connect to You. 

Meet Reba: Divine Self-Love Coach

From Homeless, Hopeless, and Lost to Divinely Whole. If there is one thing I knew how to be by the time I was 5: It was everyone's best friend. Growing up in an environment filled with pain, abuse, and neglect, I adopted a persona of people-pleasing to help me survive.

As a child, I never knew what stability, growth, boundaries, or healthy love looked like, let alone where to find it. I only knew it existed everywhere I was not. This limiting belief led me into a downward spiral of seeking validation, love, and a feeling of acceptance from everyone but myself.


By the time I was 18, I had been depressed, suicidal, and lost for more years than I could count. Running from one abusive relationship to the next in hopes of finding someone who could value me more than I ever valued myself.

And to top it all off at 20 I was pregnant. And found myself giving birth to my second child by the age of 23. 


Although I had many reasons to give up, there was a faith inside of me that wanted more for my life and the lives I had created.


Without ever seeing an example of what whole and fulfilled living looked like, I did the unthinkable and gave myself permission to create it;


A future I was proud of while using all that I have been through as the fuel for my transformations. Because whether or not I was ready to admit it, I knew that my kids would inherit the dysfunction of my life without ever asking for it if I did not make a conscious choice to change it. Within 11 months of giving birth to my second child, I applied for government assistance, left another abusive relationship, and moved into temporary, transitional housing. At this point, although we were considered homeless, we were at peace.


From this place of peace and our temporary apartment, all I had was hope and a dream. And that was more than enough.


Waking up each day in the reality of poverty with two kids did something to my soul that nothing else before it ever did: sending me into the arms of a therapist who would become my life-long mentor and into a world that now felt like a blank canvas.


For the first time in my life, I started to uncover and remove limiting beliefs, perceptions, and habits. I was no longer in search of anyone to love me because, after years of therapy, intentional transformations, and Deep Healing, I finally found my way back home to me. To a love that is so Divine that only that which is from the Divine can rest in it.


After realizing where I was, it dawned on me that I was never not loved, only years of being covered in abuse and limiting beliefs altered my perceptions to make it seem that way. As I continue to live in this space, it is also from this realm that I have dedicated my life to guiding others to the path of Divine self-love. 

If this is resonating with your heart because you know what it’s like to be lost, know that you are not alone. Everything you need is already within – and I am here to help you uncover your deepest truths and fully know the Divine Self-Love you’ve been searching for. 


I have a deep sense of gratitude that I was able to find my way back home and become the best version of myself and I want that for you, too. Learn how to experience Deep Transformational Healing with me as your guide through my Signature Program: Re-Discovering You.